Webinar September 4 2019

Webinar September 4 2019

Dr. Frauke Petersen will lead this webinar
  • 1 hCourse Duration
  • Skill level
  • Free
  • 19 Jan, 2019Admission Deadline


Dear IBUS members,

You are invited to the 6th interactive IBUS webinar on June 12th, 2019 at 9 p.m. UTC + 2 (CEST).

Kerri Novak (Canada) will lead this webinar. 

Please find here the computer dial-in data to connect:

            Please join this webinar online

            (Session PIN XXX-XXX-XXX).

            For an interruption-free online transmission is a fast internet connection recommendable. 


  • Note that only members of the non-profit association IBUS Group can attend to the webinars. This is why I won’t be able to send you the next invitations if you don’t renew your membership in 2019. Thanks for your understanding.
  • For general technical questions, please refer to the instructions of use attached to this invitation. 
  • We ask all participants to mute their computers right at the beginning of the webinar and to type their answers or questions in the chat window. Furthermore, it is not recommended to connect earlier than a few minutes before start. 

A prior notification of attendance would be also highly appreciated. Thank you all for your interest in bowel ultrasound!


Need Any help!

Christine Ardinat

Christine Ardinat

IBUS Officer

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